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STEM is an acronym that refers to the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics collectively. Why is it important for youngsters? Nowadays, Technology is ubiquitous around us in our everyday life – e.g. Smart Phone, Computer, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain. We can’t avoid it but are forced to embrace it. So why don’t we equip our next generation by equipping them with the knowledge of Science and Technology and more importantly, the mindset of logical thinking? Dronion is here to provide a wide range of STEM courses to help you start with.


Drone Assembly

Students will learn to build their drone throughout this course. Outstanding team will have a chance to participate in the Hong Kong First Drone E-Sport Competition.

Game Programming

Students will learn to used industrial standard software to develop their own games throughout the course. Besides programming, students also need to apply the knowledge of Physic and Mathematics.


Students will learn the advanced Physic and Mathematics theory through the toys provided by us. We aim at providing an interesting environment for the students to pre-study those advanced theories.


Students who attend the course will have a chance to get their hands dirty when building the drone. Ultimately, they will make a drone by using the components we provided and control it with a Bluetooth controller. Throughout the course, they will learn the concepts about the Theory of Flight, Bluetooth transmission, material science. They will also need to adopt a problem-solving mindset to overcome engineering problems.

Hong Kong First E-Sport Completition

Outstanding students may have a chance to participate in the E-Sport competition organized by us to be more challenging.

Problem Solving

Building the drone can be challenging. Students will learning problem solving skills throughout the course.

Theory of Flight

We will guide the students to apply the knowledge they learned from the classroom (e.g. Physic & Mathematics) when building the drone.


Throughout the course, we will teach the students to build a game with Unity 5, a game engine that is widely adopted by the gaming industry (e.g. Call of Duty: Mobile, Mario Kart Tour, Overcook). Students will also need to learn programming the game to control the Physics.

Making game is not easy

Developing high-quality games involves the design process, including terrain or platform designing, character designing, animations, cut-scenes, and many more, also programming and music.

C# Programming

Students will learn to program in C# to control the characters inside the game. C# is a multi-purpose object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft and is widely adopted by the software development industry.

Physic and Mathematics

A realistic game involves a lot of Physic and Mathematics knowledge and therefore students can apply what they have learned from the school during the course.


We will provide a bundle of STEM toys to students aiming to create an interesting environment and encourage them to learn the advanced Physic and Mathematics theories (e.g. the high-school Physic and Mathematics curriculum) to help them get prepared for the future.

Learn by playing

During each lesson, students will need to solve a specific task with the toys provided by us.

Theory first

Students need to learn and apply the Physic and Mathematics theory to solve the task.

Be prepared for the future

All the Physic and Mathematics theories taught in the course are extracted from the high-school curriculum for students to get prepared.


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